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Mon age réel : 24,3 ans

une amie fête son anniversaire aujourd'hui. Je lui ai souhaité un bon anniversaire sans lui demander son age. Je me suis dit que ca ne se fait pas surtout qu'elle semble avoir dépassé la trentaine depuis belle lurette. Mais contrairement à mes attentes elle m'a dit fierement : "Mon age réél est 29 ans".
L'age réel estapparement très à la mode aux Etats Unis. Tout le monde ou presque connait son age réel. On calcule son age reel via le web et on ne refere plus à son age chronologique. Alors quel age avez vous ?


Hannibal a dit…
Zizou: thank you for the link but I hated myself doing the real age test :)those pseudo websites just steal your personal information and use them later so one should be careful ;)
samsoum a dit…
same as Hannibal, this web site collects a lot of information that only my physician knows.
They are just collecting leads so they can sell them to pharmaceutical or nutrition companies. Start watching your mailbox :-)
I see that only the ones who are established in the US responded. You should use your dummy email to use these free services.
The algorithm they use is a great one and providing personal health data (but not related to your real identity) is a kind of payment for the service. It is a win-win situation in my opinion but I concede that a majority of people don't know what ther are getting into so thank you for the warning!
Hannibal a dit…
Thank God I used my "Spam'n' trash" email:P:)
samsoum a dit…
Ok si zizou, 3la 5atrek. And now you got me depressed beacuse my real age is 43.1 :-(
Sorry Samsoum !!
I justed wanted to raise my fellow countrymates awareness. Tunisians have usually an unhealthy lifestyle that need an urgent change!
Hannibal a dit…
Samsoum I think I am in a better position :P I am 32.1 one year less is a big deal :))
samsoum a dit…
So, I have to find a way soon to go back 2.5 years and get it aligned at least with my chronological age!! I am sure it has to do with the fact that I sleep less than 6 hours at night :-)

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10 years ago, I wrote this note for my 30th. Today, I am 40 years old and here I am reading what I wrote when I was 30... So much can happen in 10 years that it is hard to look back and remember everything. The feeling of forty is a feeling of reaching "adulthood"... or at least what I imagined adulthood to look like...

Looking back at what happened in the last decade or even in the last 5 years, it is obvious that it is going to be hard to predict what will happen in the next decade. My priorities are however getting clearer:

- Work as hard as I can
- Stay healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle
- Be the best father I can be and take care of my family
- Read more and get involved in my community

Nothing very exciting as you can see but very important in my eyes...