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Affichage des articles du février, 2014

Ghannouchi in Washington... again!

Ennahda's Rached Ghannouchi is again in Washington. I do not recall the exact number of times Ghannouchi visited Washington since the revolution but it is definitely the highest number of visits ever made by a Tunisian political party leader to Washington since Tunisia's independence. The number of visits also contrasts with the lack of presence in more influential capitals like Brussels or Paris. So why Ghannouchi comes so often to Washington? (If you are meeting him this week, I think you should ask him the question ;-). First, it is an issue of access. Radwan Masmoudi, The founder of the Center of Islam and Democracy, who organizes most of Ghannouchi's trips, events and appointments has worked in Washington and know people there while his connections in cities such as Paris or London are limited. Second, Ghannouchi's visits to Washington are covered positively in the Tunisian press regardless of who he meets and what each visit achieves. Third, there is a who

My experience traveling from the US to Tunisia: Cheap flights, best airlines, tips and advice

In the last 10 years, I have been traveling between the US and Tunisia. Many of my friends asked me for tips. So here I am, offering you all what I have learned. 1- Buying your ticket I usually buy my ticket at least one month in advance. I avoid buying it in high season such as July August and November / December even if the trip is scheduled in low season (ex: avoid buying in christmas time if you want to travel in Februrary). I usually search for tickets through but I recently have discovered and I kind of like it. I also purchased tickets from Vayama, Orbitz and Expedia et and on different airline sites. If you buy your ticket out-bounding from Tunis thinking that it is cheaper you are wrong. This myth used to be true in the past but no longer stands in this period of globalization. I also strongly discourage those who buy two different tickets: Let's say a ticket to Montreal then fly Syphax to Tunis ;-) or a Tunisair Ticket to P