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Affichage des articles du août, 2013

My intervention on France 24 right after Mr Brahmi's murder

I was invited by Francois Picard to comment and debate over the implications of MP Brahmi's murder.  Saida OUNISSI, Researcher in Political Science, Paris 1 La Sorbonne;  Adnane BEN YOUCEF, Representative of the Aljoumhouri party in France and  Patrick SMITH, Editor in Chief, the Africa Report participated to the show. 

Tunisia: Decree inviting voters to elect a National Constituent Assembly

Like most Tunisians, I went to vote for a National Constituent Assembly on the basis of this decree that clearly specified that the National Constituent Assembly will draft a constitution within a maximum period of one year. 

Going to Bardo

A quick post to say that I am going to Bardo tonight, as I do every night. I remain hopeful in the power of people to change the course of events when leadership fails to do so.  For those who see this movement as a movement of anarchists, old regime folks, or secularists unhappy with elections results, trying to disrupt the democratic path of Tunisia, I would like to remind them that:   - Ennahda and its partners promised to finish the constitution within one year. The legal text calling for the establishment of the NCA also gave them a deadline of one year. It is now almost two years after the elections and the constitution drafting process is not over, so the people at the sit-in have a point in wanting to dismantle the National Constituent Assembly. - After Chokri Belaid was killed, Ennahda's PM, Jebali, and the rest of the political spectrum called for a government of independent experts to manage the government's affairs, but as soon as the popular anger