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Bay Area interviews part 1: Cherif Triki Hip Hop Artist

In Episode 3 of the Tunisia Podcast, I invited a Tunisian Hip HOP artist to talk about his music and his immigration experience.

Please visit Cherif’ MySpace :

A second song will follow the interview :-)


Anonyme a dit…
Je pense que c'est très grave pour une personne qui vit au USA pendant 10 ans et il ne maitrise pas l'anglais c'est même qq chose qui m'a beaucoup choqué en plus il n'a pas indiqué comment il a procédé pour l'immigration "j'ai visité un ami qui vivait à Bay Area puis j'ai décidé de rester" il nous prend pour des imbéciles ce Monsieur.

Je ne pense pas que c'est aussi grave. Mon anglais n'est pas mieux et puis y'a des millions d'immigres americains qui ne parle meme pas anglais. Ceci ne vous empeche pas du tout de reussir dans ce pays. JE pense que votre jugement montre votre ignorance de la realite des USA et demontre d'une intolerance et d'une absence de compassion flagrante.

Sinon, ou est le probleme si Cherif est venu aux USA et puis a decide de rester. Des milliers de tunisiens et autres ont emigres de la sorte... C'est meme l'histoire la plus commune des emigrations.
Bachbouch a dit…
That just shows you the beauty of the American Society. There are people who lived in the States for over 30 years and still can't speak English... Yet, they are considered an integral part of the American culture and economy.
I hope you can see now why Cherif came here and nowhere else for a better future... (hint: judgment )
Outerworlds a dit…
I am sorry. The ignorance of immigrants of their host society's language can hardly be used to gauge the openness of such society.

When you decide to live in a country, you are expected to learn at least the language of the people who live in that country otherwise you will be much better at home.
Outerworlds a dit…
My above comment was not specifically targeted at Triki. I went on his page and listened to some of his tracks and I like his music.
le sybarite a dit…
Merci Zizou pour ton initiative. Ton idée de podcast sur ce qui touche de pres ou de loin la Tunisie est excellente. En plus ça m'oblige de pratiquer un peu mon english, qui en avait bien besoin.

Keep going

triki a dit…
DESTRUCTION feat. Shing02

Destruction (from the album "The Way I See It" coming 2008)

written by Triki & Shing02
produced and mixed by Range




There is talking
People sharing stories
We talk about other people
We forget God is watching...

No mercy in our society
People always talking
Not seeing the reality
A father breaking his back
To provide for his family
Getting by pay check to pay check
Just to see the dollar
He works day and night
For his family to see the light
Time passes by
The clock is ticking
Then the father dies
Four children left behind
The mother must work
In order to provide
She cleans other homes
In order to survive
Her son is jobless
Life is hard
He tries to make money from scraps
Nothing can be done about it
No money for smokes or food
The store credit unpaid
This is life in the hood
He’s fed up with his poverty
All doors close in his face
He walks a dark path
There’s no money he doesn’t feel safe
All his dreams evaporate
He’s got no wishes left
I know life isn’t guaranteed
So my friend, don’t give up your hopes


Some things can never be undone,
Gotta keep moving forward...

So each plot unfolds
Both ways like
A swinger on a scale,
A short tale to tell
Full of misery or glory
Tapestry o’ life story
Is it all by design or by chance
You’ll see, so don’t ask
There’s a reason for the path
The joy and the wrath
To starve or break fast
Yo check the math
Before you go bust your ass
Paid dues on the streets or tuition fees
The real lesson learned hot like chili,
Too late for confession
Million dinar question is:
Whatcha gonna do with ya education?
When reality collides with your dreams and passion
When the cost outweighs the props you get from flashing
Bulbs in the face and you shade in fashion
It’s a double-edged sword of fortune and fame
’Tis a dangerous game and it’s hard to tame
You never know what goes on
Beneath the surface
If you did you might go insane
So before you play judge on another human being
Check yourself in the mirror
Might do a double-take like a fiend

Check yourself in the mirror
Might do a double-take like a fiend...


Hold on let me finish my story
They’re talking about a girl
That she’s disrespectful and dirty
What they don’t know
Her father is gambling his money away
He loses on the table every day
He lost her future, too
He took her out of school
What he did isn’t cool
She’s now messing with the wrong people
They teach her smoking and drinking
She dates older men to get around,
Instead of taking the bus
She always wants more, nobody to trust
She parties too much
Night becomes day
She doesn’t care where she stays
Her vision fades
She doesn’t know between right or wrong
To make money, she sells herself
She no longer feels the strength
Like when she was young
She never listened
Now that she’s older,
She regrets what she’s missing
Her story would make you cry
Her beauty and youth have escaped
She’s hoping to bring back her past
So she can feel alive again
Anonyme a dit…
I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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