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My very first podcast

In this very first podcast, I invited two friends: Tarek Cheniti (Oxford University) who will talk about the Nework of English Speaking Tunisians and Wassim Ben Yedder (LMU) who will give a brief analysis about the effects of the global economic crisis on the Tunisian economy.

I hope you will enjoy listening to the discussions that take place here.

Links related to this podcast:
NEST on Facebook
Tunisia Stock Exchange


spiderman05 a dit…
Why on earth did you decide to podcast about Tunisia and Tunisians in English? It would have been much more interesting to have the podcast in Arabic given the fact that there are only a few to none podcasts in Arabic?
Zied- زياد a dit…
We do have a podcast in Arabic about Tunisia.
البرباش a dit…
إن شاء الله مبروك زياد

العاقبة في ما اهم
3amrouch a dit…
You’re doing a good job
Anonyme a dit…
vous avez un accent tunisien quand vous parlez anglais comment expliquez vous cela?
Zied- زياد a dit…
peut etre parce que je suis tunisien :-)
samsoum a dit…
@Anonyme: Il a un meilleur accent que moi qui vit ici depuis plus de 13 ans :-)
Houssein a dit…
Zied, moi je le trouve très mignon ton accent :-)
sarah a dit…
Bravo Zizou ! J'adore ! Je confirme pr l'accent :-)
Malla Wassim ! Optimistic; c le moinq que l'on puisse dire !
Waiting for the next one ! Bonne continuation !
Walid ben omrane a dit…
@ Bon courage Zizou...
Anonyme a dit…
I am Portuguese, i don't speak very well french, so for me is great to have all this information in english.
I often travel to Tunisia and i like it very much. The english its also the language that i use there. There are also a lot of Portuguese companies that are making some investiments in the textile industry.
I already read you blog, but now i am waiting for the podcast (its easy in english)
Hassen a dit…

très bonne initiative, bravo.

Serait-il possible de récupérer le podcast, pour pouvoir l'écouter sur un ipod par la suite?

Zied- زياد a dit…
Merci Hassen,

Il est possible de s'abonner au Podcast vi iTunes sur cette adresse:
Oualid Bellagha a dit…
Bravo pour cette initiative Zied. Very good job. Toujours impressioné par ton énergie.
Je connaissais pas le NEST, que j'ai rejoins sur FB pour l'occasion.
Keep going, il y a beaucoup a dire et à faire !!!

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Looking back at what happened in the last decade or even in the last 5 years, it is obvious that it is going to be hard to predict what will happen in the next decade. My priorities are however getting clearer:

- Work as hard as I can
- Stay healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle
- Be the best father I can be and take care of my family
- Read more and get involved in my community

Nothing very exciting as you can see but very important in my eyes...