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Happy fridays at Khartoum Beach

Hier c'etait le vendredi ! le jour ferie ou tout le monde se relaxe et va a la priere ! J'ai profite de cette journee pour partir a la plage... euh plutot sur les rives du Nil en crue. Cette saison des pluie fait sortir le fleuve de son lit et le transforme en un "presque" lac aux rivages paisibles ou une masse de jeunes enfants partent y faire trempette sans trop de risques.

Juste a cote de cette plage improvisee, une horde jeunes garcons originaires de Nubie gerent une "station" de lavage de voiture et de bus. Le lavage se fait juste sur le bord du Nil aux risques et perils du proprio ainsi peut retrouver sa voiture embourbee dans le Nil en deux temps trois mouvements....

D'autres scenes "vendredicales" ( dominicales) sont visibles egalement dans l'egout du bidonville d'acote. L'eau ruisselle vers le Nil et attire donc plein de poissons et par consequence plein de pecheurs...

Mais la plus belle scene qu'on peut voir le vendredi est celles des amoureux "envendredie" (endimanche) qui se promenent sur le pont lors du coucher de soleil...

allez treve de mots je vous laisse avec les photos !


Anonyme a dit…
c'est un peu l'ambiance Paris plage ça.

Rien ne vaut la mer.
Mohamed a dit…
malla jaw sa7a lik
Anonyme a dit…
I have read all your "anecdotes" about Sudan both in French & in English. I am Sudanese but I live in Tunisia & I speak both Frenh & English fluently. I chose to put my comments in English since I am sure many Sudanese who read them will agree. I have lived all my life in Sudan, moved to Tunisia only 2 years ago-for work purposes- and I can clearly see that you are viewing Sudan from a total subjective-unfair view!
Sudan is a very beautiful country, but I must assume that as many ex-pats you are viewing things superficially and in a very shallow manner. you haveto know the Sudanese values & what to appreciate, what to see, what to look for and most important where to look and where to go!!!
I am not talking about this story in-particular, but many others as well. As I understood from your page, you are involved in Humanitarian work in Sudan, my advice to you is to try to understand the national context of things!!! Because otherwise you would be waisting your time!
I agree with Tarik's comment on the "Blue Nile story" And by the way I live in Tunis for two yaers now & we are not far behind!!!
Try to understand the national context & to really know Sudan. Its an amazing place!

Layla Saidi
Dear Layla,
I thank you for your visit and comment and I will be glad if you can give your opinion and comments on every post I write about Sudan.

I also welcome the Sudanese readers of my blog and Im sure they agree with you especially that I personally do.

I concede that my opinion is totally biased and these posts are totally subjective and may be unfair... but I'm not claiming to be fair or to be objective.

Im not also comparing Sudan to Tunisia nor claiming that Tunisia is a nicer country. Im enjoying my Life in Sudan and Im glad that I had the opportunity to visit this indeed beautiful country.

I can understand that the way I depict Sudan might not please you. It happened also to me when I see the way people describe Tunisia or Lebanon sometimes. But I do believe in freedom of speech and I invite you to use yours whenever you feel like it. More importantly I invite you to share your views and experience in Tunisia which Im sure will be of a great interest to many Tunisian bloggers.

Im grateful that you offered me the opportunity to clarify my position and the way I look to things. Thank you !
Anonyme a dit…
Anonyme a dit…

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