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Au revoir... Seattle

June 8, 2007


Please have some watermelon, it is in the refrigderator. I have enjoyed your conversation and cooking -- both are excellent. May God bless you and your work at home and elsewhere abroad. I hope to see you again upon your return to the states and hear many inspiring stories about your work and travels. I'll be praying to the Lord Jesus for your safety, salvation and industry -- you and your household. Our pastor, Earl Palmer, told us recently that whereever we go we should seek out the Christians. May I humbly suggest that you try to do the same. Please give my best regards to your dear mother, it was very nice to meet her at Christmas time when she visited you. I've made a note of your email address and hope to keep in touch. Special thanks for the physiology and pathology of diabetes. God has special work for you my friend, if you choose to accept it. I'm sure you will do well at that too. Be sure to say hello for me to all of the great people you introduced me too. Among them, Amina, Stanya, Qais, Zyed, and your friend the cardiologist. Have a safe journey.

Very respectfully,



amina a dit…
It was nice meeting you too. Thanks for your nice thought and good luck in your journey.
Amineh Ayyad a dit…
Robert, this is the other Amina, the Palestinian Amineh. It was nice meeting you too. The watermelon was GREAT :) and for your other gifts and kindness. See you when I pickup Zied's mail. Call me or email me when the mail starts to pile up. Amina, hi, call me. Hope to see you again.
chadia a dit…
Thank you Robert
We did not speak a lot because of my few english but i understood how you are kind and i enjoyed your presence. God bless you.
de passage a dit…
Y sebe fikom l'ameriakeni, kallelkom "bande de melons!" .
Franchement 3andou al hak eh malla mouchkom melon antoma ?

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