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A message to the 25.000 American citizens in Lebanon:

The Department of State continues to work with the Department of Defense on
a plan to help American citizens depart Lebanon. As of the morning of July
15, we are looking at how we might transport Americans to Cyprus. Once in Cyprus, Americans can then board commercial aircraft for onward travel. Commercial airlines provide the safest and most efficient repatriation options to
final destinations.

The Department of State reminds American citizens that the U.S. government
does not provide no-cost transportation but does have the authority to provide
repatriation loans to those in financial need. For the portion of your trip
directly handled by the U.S. Government we will ask you to sign a promissory note and we will bill you at a later date. In a subsequent message, when we have specific details about the transporation arrangments, we will inform you about the costs you will incur. We will also work with commercial aircraft to ensure that they have adequate flights to help you depart Cyprus and connect to your final destination.

The Department of State continues to work around the clock and will
continue to send updates as appropriate.


arab a dit…
Ben oui comme c'est des binationaux, ou des américanos-arabes.
Anonyme a dit…
LIVE tomorrow please. There are Tunisian people who come from Beyrut yesterday. and you ?
Anonyme a dit…
Oui comme ca les Israelien n'auront pas de crise de consciense on bombardond beruit, ni de blame des etats-unis, vraiment c pathetique, ce message me dis ceci ( Israel ne faite pas de mal a nos citoyens americain, et puis les autres qu'ils crevent, au moins on n'auras pas de protestant devant la maison blanche reclament le cadavre de leur proches )
ledesinvolte a dit…
ce message me dit er rjjal tekksseb ouel Tahana comme d'habitude tehsseb....
salima a dit…
L etat des routes fait peur . A quand un Cessez le feu?
Accroche-toi Zizou, tu as suffisamment de clairvoyance pour juger.
salima a dit…
L etat des routes fait peur . A quand un Cessez le feu?
Accroche-toi Zizou, tu as suffisamment de clairvoyance pour juger.
Anonyme a dit…
Le ministere tunisien des affaires etrangerres a mis a la disposition du public deux numeraux de telephone pour ceux qui veulent s'enquerir des ressortissants tunisiens au Liban. Aucun des deux numeraux ne répond :71 847 500 et 71 782 464
Anonyme a dit…
Signalons que ces numéraux ont été annoncés à l'instant par la télé tunisienne au cours du journal du 20h.
karim2k a dit…
Ils vont envoyer Rambo et DElata Force ensuite ?
Anonyme a dit…
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Happy 40th!

10 years ago, I wrote this note for my 30th. Today, I am 40 years old and here I am reading what I wrote when I was 30... So much can happen in 10 years that it is hard to look back and remember everything. The feeling of forty is a feeling of reaching "adulthood"... or at least what I imagined adulthood to look like...

Looking back at what happened in the last decade or even in the last 5 years, it is obvious that it is going to be hard to predict what will happen in the next decade. My priorities are however getting clearer:

- Work as hard as I can
- Stay healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle
- Be the best father I can be and take care of my family
- Read more and get involved in my community

Nothing very exciting as you can see but very important in my eyes...