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Tunisia ! where are you going ?

Tunisia ! my country ?
i love this land , it seems may be obvious for some people or too patriotic for others but this my feeling.
what is Tunisia for you ? for the others ? for me ? it's really a hard question to which the answer is not so easy...
the country is so new and so old in the same time ? Tunisians don't really seem to know their history... to feel that they are related to this history ...Tunisia fifty years ago was very different from today , French, italians, jews,maltese, greec were taking a big part of the tunisian life , economy and identity... Nowadays Tunisia is composed from 99% of sunni muslims... sunni muslims yes but these muslims have nothing to do with other muslims you might met or known ! i really can't find the right adjectives to describe the tunisian religion and life approach... some people turn themselves to the middle east ! others are trying to look and think like french or other european...
these 99% replaced in their diversity of thought the other minorities who don't seem to claim their tunisianity anymore...
I really don't see where the country is going ? are we going to be a part of europe one day ? will the Maghreb Union work in the future ? is our future related to the middle east? or it will be the African union who is going to save us ?
How do the people define themselves ? are we arabs, berbers, african ? or mediterranean ?
Tunisia arabized its administration , is arabizing its education ... our economy is more and more oriented to the west, our economical future is the west ! we have a problem here don't you think ?
how do people see their future ? their personnal one ... their common one ?
i really don't succeed to have a vision about the future of my country! (don't even have one for my own future) but i do love him...


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