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Gays in Tunisia

During the last meet up, one friend said that people might think I'm gay because my blog template was pink.
Should I change my template ? I like pink (don't you?) ... what happen if my visitors think that I'm gay ? is it going to change their opinion about my blog ?
Im obviously not gay but I do like pink color ! Is that a crime ? In the end the real question should be : is it a crime to be gay in Tunisia ?
I don't want to give a legal answer ( the law in Tunisia forbids anal sex ( even if I have never heard about a gay who have been sentenced)) but Im more keen to know about what people ( tunisians) think about gays ?
An Egyptian friend of mine told me that in Egypt homosexuality is considered a mental illness and that these people are treated in mental hospitals. It used to be the case in the US or in France but currently the gay community is recognised, well structured and committed to defend its rights !
What about Tunisia ?
In Tunisia the subject is taboo ! I mean publically , i have never heard about a Tunisian gay movement, event or structure ? "Miboun" ( gay in tunisian) is perceived as an offending bad word.
Im really curious to know about the gay situation in Tunisia? I tried to do some research on the subject asking the few( self proclaimed) gays that i know or have met.
The majority is facing discrimination and rejection mainly from their families.
It's also interesting to see that people in Tunisia make big difference between the active and the passive ones--passives are more subject to discrimination or rejection.
I also know few places where Tunisian gays meet ( such as some cafés on the Bourguiba avenue or medina hammams or the existence of a Tunisian gay yahoogroup.
In the touristic cities you can also see some gay prostitution ( young tunisian with older european men).
I also discovered that many gays have wives and children and that they are having a secret life in parallel.
In my opinion being homosexual is a sexual orientation and nothing else... in order to satisfy this orientation gays may follow a different lifestyle but they should not be subject to any discrimination or stigma.
I think that the majority of Tunisians don't have anything against this minority, they just try not to see it. I also think that gays themselves are not organized in such a way to advocate for more esteem from others. Tunisia, in comparison with other Arab countries seem to have a better gay situation but things can be improved.

Im really curious to know more about gays reality in Tunisia, especially that from a public health prospective and particularly regarding the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we need to identify this group in order to prevent this vulnerable population from this lethal disease.


Anonyme a dit…
Hey zizou
I'm impressed by your fluency in english..and the quality of your posts ..
merci Jaz !!
on se voit au prochain meet up...ou meme avant !!
j'ai jamais été a kerkenah et ton post m'as vraiment mis l'eau a la bouche!!
a bientot
Anonyme a dit…
Hey Zizou ,
My name is Aziz too and i m Tunisian and I m also gay and it s bad .... I mther anymore but belive its was a pain in the a**!!!!!!!!
Hannibal a dit…
Liked your blog and your openness regarding some issues considered as taboo in most arab and moslem countries. Glad to know that you are from the enchanting Island of Djerba, which unfortunately I didn't get the chance to visit but I have several posts in my blog on Djerba.By the way I am a tunisian guy living in the United States.
Anonyme a dit…
bonjour zizou,
suis osi tunisienne (et pour les filles :o))) mais vie en belgique.
Peux-tu me trouver des adresses sympa pour djerba. Nous y allons fin juin
Anonyme a dit…
hey aziz I have a question do you also have a pain in the a** like the other aziz if it's not time to feel it from him leave me a comment when you're up to a dare...maybe after your bussines you're a** wil be red so you don't have to worry about the pink anymore.have fun
Anonyme a dit…
Ya aziz ya3tiek akbar sosis
Anonyme a dit…
It is great to see that there are people who recognize human rights and freedom as important...

Peace to you, Zizou, my brother :¤
Unknown a dit…
hi zizou
thanx for ur courage to tackle the subject of gay people in Tunisia. in fact it's psychological state where the gay finds balance and quietness. a gay is not guilty. he cold have been a victim when young.

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